I just missed you "dong"...

 I’m just so glad that we’re already friends on FB. You still look the same, and I must say that you’re even more good looking now. Seeing you there really brings back all the beautiful memories we had when we were still kids. We used to be playmates back then when I was still in first grade. If you only knew how much I’ve been thinking of you. I’ve been wanting to see you for several years now, and you have no idea how much I missed you “dong”.

You were my very first crush during my childhood days, my very first puppy love perhaps (lol). Even though 2 decades had already passed since the last time we had seen each other, but I can still remember the memories we have shared. I missed the way you teased me before like how skinny I was ( oh! the old days when it seems like I was suffering from mild malnutrion or something, LMAO ). I just missed those days when you would wrote letters for me after our petty fights saying how sorry you were for what you did, and mom was able to read those, which was one of the embarrassing moments for me several years back. I just missed everything about you “dodong”.

Moreover, I’m quite happy this morning since you liked one of my photos, and at the back of my mind I’m wishing that you still remember the old days. I know for some it’s overreacting, but because I do have a huge admiration towards you, this petty thing you did is indeed a big thing for me already. Right after I found that out, I’ve been wanting to say “Hi” to you and dying to ask if how’s your life going and the likes, I just couldn’t do it though. I don’t have the courage to do all these, maybe because I’m not that type of girl.

I know you wouldn’t get to read this piece. And I don’t know if we will have the chance to see each other again, but if that thing wouldn’t be possible anytime soon or in the future, one thing’s for sure “dong”, I would just love you in silence and would definitely love you for the rest of my life. You’ll forever be a huge part of my life, I'll never ever forget you “dong”, and I’ll continue to cherish those wonderful moments we had until I grow old.


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